James Mahmud Rice

[The Recruitment Of Older Australian Workers]

The Recruitment Of Older Australian Workers: A Survey Of Employers In A High Growth Industry

Michael Bittman, Mardi Flick, and James Rice

SPRC Report 6/01, Social Policy Research Centre, University Of New South Wales, Sydney, prepared for the Australian Government Department Of Family And Community Services, 2001, 141 pages

Executive Summary

To better grasp the likely policy implications of the ageing population, it is important to understand both supply-side and demand-side phenomena associated with the labour market for mature-age workers. This research sheds new light on employers' views of and practices towards older workers. The special qualities of this study can be summarised under three headings - methodological innovations, original findings, and implications for social policy.

Methodological Innovations
Original Findings
Policy Implications

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